Turismo Medico Serbia | Who we are


Who we are

Turismo Medico Serbia is an online medical tourism agency created for medical and health tourism. With our team of experts in the field of medicine, tourism and marketing, we are able to offer our clients an outstanding service in the field of medicine with highly educated and experienced doctors and new modern clinics.

Our connections with the most prestigious medical institutions, cosmetic centers, hotels and other tourist service providers, together with the license for tourist organizations enabled Turismo Medico Serbia to become a mediator in the programming of medical services and the organization of further personalized travel and arrangement.

Turismo Medico Serbia has a unique approach to each client Our team takes care of every aspect of travel arrangements for our clients, as well as choosing the best clinics and doctors according to the needs of the patient. Such an approach, both personal and intimate, enables us to intuitively and simply connect the needs and demands of our customers with our vast network of partners and associates at the best price.
By designing our travel medical packages, our clients will not only enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive provider of medical services, but will also have access to the best available accommodation as well as additional cultural and tourist facilities during their stay in Belgrade. Our team of experts is here to ensure that your travel arrangements are tailored to your wishes and financial resources.

Our clients can decide to create their own personalized travel arrangements or, alternatively, buy a package created by our expert team and take a step closer to solving their health problems and meeting their desires.

The Serbian Medical Tourism Platform and the staff behind it are constantly working on the development of sophisticated systems so that our clients can save time to handle documentation related to the organization of their health-oriented path.

Using the latest IT solutions, with a unique online medical tourism platform, we are committed to the advancement of this unique medical tourism sector, making the organization and implementation of health-oriented travel simple and fast.


Our vision 

Connecting with world-class medical institutions is only a small part of our mission, your protection with the help of trusted professionals gives you the opportunity to maintain a healthy and pleasant lifestyle. The advantage of providing these services is: excellent medical assistance, short wait times, treatments tailored to you and your pots and an ideal relationship of quality and price. Together with medical care, we gave you the opportunity to discover Belgrade and Serbia.

Our goal is to save you time, money and take care of your needs and improve the quality of your life.

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